Our Process - Efficiently Adding Value

Many investors – even those who realize the ongoing search for the best active fund managers can be harmful in the long run – still think of indexing as simply buying an S&P 500 large cap index fund, and nothing more.

Today so much more is possible and available through our services at IndexEdge. Using the following disciplined approach to long-term investing, we build properly diversified, low-cost portfolios with varying investment objectives – from conservative to very aggressive, depending on the specific needs of the client:

  • Determine Client Objectives and Portfolio Parameters

  • Comprehensive, Strategic Asset Class Diversification
  • - Large Stocks   - REITS
    - Small Stocks   - Corporate Bonds
    - Value   - Short-term Treasuries
    - Growth   - Intermediate Treasuries
    - International   - Long-term Treasuries
    - Emerging Markets   - TIPS

  • Structure Analysis by Asset Class

  •      -Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs)
         -Index Funds

  • Index Benchmark Analysis

  •      -Russell Indices
         -S&P Indices
         -Wilshire Indices
         -MSCI Indices

  • Ongoing Portfolio Management

  •      -Disciplined Rebalancing
         -Tax Management Strategies
         -Strategic Adjustments

Our Guiding Principles

  • Fiduciary Responsibility to Clients

  •      -Best interests of clients come first
         -No hidden fees

  • Disciplined, Institutional Approach to Portfolio Management

Our Fees

Portfolio Assets   Annual Fee
≤ $1 million   0.50% of assets
> $1 million   0.45% of assets
> $3 million   0.40% of assets
> $5 million   0.35% of assets

* Our minimum account size is $200,000. In addition to the fee schedule detailed above, clients will incur two additional costs: (1) the internal fees of the index structures held in the portfolio (an average cost of approximately 0.10% − 0.25% per year) and (2) the discount transaction costs paid directly to the account custodian for the trading activity we execute in your account – neither of which does IndexEdge receive any part thereof.

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